Today I Did A Shoot For Morale

Today I Did A Shoot For Morale

Today I did a shoot for morale. 

I haven't shot anything just for fun in Utah since moving here in January. That's kind of lame, but with all the costs of moving and the higher cost of living compared to Springfield it has proved to be difficult. I really love writing short little stories that I can shoot in one or two days with my friends. Sometimes I consider if I should just stick to that and perfect my craft there before moving on to long form work, but here I am. 

I worked with this girl, Lauren, who cut her hand. She had it splinted into what looked like permanent finger gun shape. I saw her at work on one of her first days back and watched her walk around the store with a gauze-wrapped finger gun all day. She held it up near her face, probably to protect it from bumping into anything, but I thought this was funny. There was definitely something there. 

So I made it into a story, she dressed up as an indie cowgirl in a vintage dress, jean boots (joots), and a black beret, and we drove around town and made the film with the help of our other co-worker, Soleil. 

I shot two rolls of 16mm I had bought last fall when I thought I was going to shoot Tuesday Film on my own. We have since switched to using a different film stock for Tuesday Film, so I figured I may as well use that film to shoot for practice. 

I'm always looking for small, inexpensive ways to get better. It's sometimes difficult when I'm a little stuck up and only want to shoot film, and also don't even own a good digital camera. If nothing else, I am helping myself just by writing a simple blog post to reflect on the day. 

Love Only, 


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