Today Jack Killed a Fly With His Script

Today Jack Killed a Fly With His Script

Today Jack killed a fly with his script. 

We were going through, talking about shots and the gear we'll need to pull it off when-WHACK! The script was weaponized.

I don't know if this is good or bad luck for us, with a motif of the film being flies. 

A few weeks ago I convinced myself I needed to catch a live fly in a jar. We actively left the door open to try and get one in the house. Something I thought I would never do, because why would any sane person do that?

Every buzz, every bump, I would enter an animal-like alertness. This could be my chance. I would chase a fly around the house wielding a small jar and lid as my weapon.

Eventually, I got one. It was sun-drunk, caught bumping against the window. An easy target, and a cheap catch for me. I recorded this fly in the jar on a small camcorder for maybe a little bit too long, then released it into the wild. 

It's funny now, only because we have a serious fly problem at our house. If I needed to catch a fly now I could walk over to the window and just cup my hands around it's nasty little body. 

If I look on the bright side, I can say their constant presence is my reminder for this film, to keep working, and keep making it better. I'm gonna say it was good luck. 

Love Only, 


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