Today I made the Tuesday Film Website

Today I made the Tuesday Film Website

Today I made the Tuesday Film Website. 

I am not known for having a great amount of patience when building websites. Let's go back, I'm not known for building websites. I never intend to be known for that. 

I decided to make a website for Tuesday Film after extensive research into crowdfunding platforms and accepting that I don't like that format. I've never been a fan of crowdfunding in the past, and have avoided it for the entirety of my creative career. I understand why it's a necessity, I mean here I am now, but I have never not been annoyed by the incessant pestering by the crowdfunder(s). No shade to those who have done it, again, I get it. It just doesn't feel right to me. 

My independent spirit has lead me here. To making my own crowdfunding site, under the guise that no, I'm not just asking for money, I'm selling stuff, and I'm presenting the information to you through my own platform, not the built in layout of a traditional campaign. 

It's really not that much different from any other crowdfunding site, but for some reason I feel better about doing it this way than the other. 

I'm growing my patience in dealing with building a website. I'm giving you all the information I want you to know. And I'm having fun doing it?

Tonight I'll be creating the physical assets for the pitch deck. Just as websites are a weakness of mine, I'm also not the best at Photoshop or Illustrator so I find my little work arounds. All the titles and headings of the Tuesday Film pitch deck are hand painted and the body text hand typed on my type writer. I then assemble this in illustrator for a very DIY, homegrown look. I feel this matches the tone of the film. It's not pretending to be something it's not. I'm not pretending to be a designer. But I can paint titles and I can type and by golly I can pick out pretty pictures for reference. 

The question is: can I make a Film? 

I don't want these blog posts to be an echo chamber of my own self-doubt, but I do want to at least recognize the ever lingering voice telling me to just stop. I think all creators hear this voice. The best thing we can do is put our headphones in, turn the volume up, drown out the sound and get to work. 

Our art is worth making, it's worth seeing, and the stories are worth telling. The good side of me knows that there's no point in doubting my ability to make a film. There's no point in doubting my ability to do anything! The doubt will only hold me back from ever doing. It holds no encouragement or motivation. We can do this!

And with that, I have a website to finish. 

Love only, 


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